Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Video Ariel Cut Tari Leaked - Cut TAri Ariel Video ML on Youtube

After last about 13 hours, similar porn videos Ariel with a woman who looked like Cut Tari videoshare site, YouTube.com eventually deleted from the list of porn videos that can be witnessed by internet users. These videos are uploaded to the YouTube site at around 1:00 pm on June 8 last. However, at around 14:00 pm, the video can no longer accessible.

The reason, YouTube.com memperkanankan not show porn smelly overt video circulating on the list. In fact, before the video became the most searched video and user views the virtual world from Indonesia.

As is known, hot scenes videos that will be two different kinds of beings like Ariel and Dance Cut it becomes hunted Internet users. Obtained from the video file 50.9 MB with a capacity of about 8.46 minutes duration. In a video that allegedly taken 18 November 2006 at 18:18 am It featured a woman dressed like Cut Tari blue overalls with a black tank top innards.

While men like Ariel is the people who start out by placing the camera from the corner of the room like in a hotel. The video was taken in a horizontal position it has better footage than the previous video which allegedly played by people like Ariel and Luna Maya.


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