Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mobile Phone

Harga Hp Nokia - As many people now have noticed, the economic melt down is beginning to hit hard, even to major companies. Large state corporations and once multi-billion making companies are laying off thousands upon thousands of employees. This is because the companies are in great debts due to loans and the return of investments is low. Laying off people means that people will have to look for alternative ways of earning an income. Mostly, in 3rd world countries, people turn to crime and social evils such as hijacking, theft, robbery and in some cases even murder. Really, you cannot blame them because they have to put food on their table and will look for any way possible to do so.

Nokia X6 - That is why there has been a sudden increase in the rate at which mobile phones are being stolen. If someone is able to steal a good mobile phone that is worth, say $50, he can be able to go at least 2-3 days with food. Things are really hard.

But if your mobile phone is very valuable to you and you want it back, some geniuses have come up with software that incorporates the use of satellite technology to track where your cell phone is. There will be no need of paying investigators and police to track down your phone. You can just download this software onto your phone and be able to know where your phone is. Here is a sneak preview of how it works:

When downloading the software, one of the things you need to register is a number of your colleague (should be trustworthy). In case you happen to lose your phone through theft, losing it on the train or any other public service vehicle, as soon as someone replaces your sim card with theirs, a text message is sent immediately to the cell phone number you had provided. The text message has the location details of the phone. In short each time a new sim card is placed into your phone, text messages are sent to the cell phone…cool isn’t it? This means you can keep track of you phone wherever it goes!!


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