Friday, January 2, 2009

Viral Linking Tag Increasing PageRank ?

Viral Linking Tag How Fast Increasing PageRank? maybe yes, if you do not use the style tuturut munding, follow trends without the prior understanding.

If we hear a new myth and gossip "Viral Linking How Fast Increasing PageRank."

You do not care about PageRank and extended for only She was that sort of fun .. The do not read this post.
If I save link your blog by 100 other links on this page, then you will not get any value from the chain in the calculation, except if the blog page I have a very high PageRank (PR 7, 8 or 9). So if I install it Viral Tag 100 Link More ... there is a positive influence your PageRank or my PageRank?
Please deduce its own nucleus. Learn also influence the quality and quantity Link In Link Out.

Why when we heard the news should check and cross check? Less fit to receive in case of Viral and do it quickly improve the way Tag map from the gossip circulating, simply know from the information obtained there from here. Is not the man is' people who think '?
Viral Linking more ...


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