Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ngeblog Kompetisi Website Kompas Muda IM3

Just simple tools for extended learning, especially blog text. With a PC (personal computer) connected to the Internet someone can start learning extended.

Belajar SEO also needed in case of a follow-up study extended Kompetisi Website Kompas Muda IM3

He just needs to visit the place making blog - both are free and are not. Sign up there and start belajar ngeblog.

Belajar ngeblog make cakes properly, there should be furniture such as pan, oven, and shake, that need to be prepared to process the material that is, learning extended also need furniture to prepare materials. If I do cake recipes and ingredients flour, sugar, butter and other. Belajar Ngeblog bahannya bisa berupa tulisan, foto atau video.

In a more advanced level, he can rent a domain and web hosting blogs have to address without a frill free blog service providers.

A photographer who want to create a blog that contains photographs of the results of his work - the so-called blog photo blog (photoblog), of course, require photographic equipment.

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