Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jersey Shore Season 3 Episode 12

Jersey Shore 3 Season Episode 12 Episode review:

 Snooki and Vinny have a fight, Mike continues to instigate drama between Sammi and Ronnie, Pauly and Vinny trying to connect with Diana's friend, who does not go well with Deena. 

Jersey Shore Season 3 Episode 12  A House Divided Spoilers: 

Vinny Snooki and Falling Out 
After several episodes of Snooki admitting Vinny developed real feelings, but being squashed by it several times its rejection, the two have a fight. At some point a very drunk Vinny will Snooki booty call. But she turns to him and rejected his advances. At this point, however, it is unclear if that is what prompted his downfall. 

Mike "the instigator" 
Mike is coming from Sammi and Ronnie doing drama between her two roommates. After his friend's house reveals Sammi has been secretly texting, Mike prods the man for more details. Sitch then takes the information and gives the news that Ronnie Sammi has connected with the boy. 

Hang Up Hook 
Pauly and Smush Vinny try one of the friends of Diana, but does not go well with Deena 
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