Friday, February 25, 2011

Watch Supernatural Season 6 Episode 15 "The French Mistake"

Supernatural Season 6 Episode 15
This February 25, 2011, your favorite TV series of the TV screen will shake a computer monitor d for new and exciting episode.   This episode is directed by Charles Beeson and written by Ben Edlund entitled "The French mistake." In this episode you can see the presence of Sebastian Roche as Balthazar, Carlos Sanz, Lanette Ware as Raphael, Brian Doyle Murphy as Eric Kripke and Genevieve Cortese as the wife of Jared Padalecki to be the guest stars this season fascinating episode. 

In this episode, Balthazar carries two main casts Sam and Dean into a parallel world where you're wrong as Jared and Jensen are the stars of the television series Supernatural. This series is about two brothers who live in monster hunting. This is another difficult trip for Sam and Dean, and makes a solution for every problem in that such a world. There will be fun scene you've never seen before that's why you have to take to the date of issuance. 

That was just a bit of supernatural fun scene that really catch your eye. This episode will make your night one to relax and entertain. The presence of guest stars is very large point to make this inspiring episode


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