Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Game Season 4 Episode 5

The Game Season 4 Episode 5 Movie Online Without Karen and Becca, Hank is just another celebrity cautionary tale, here to warn children about the evils of drugs, alcohol and a cynical disposition. With them, he's a beacon of hope for art, language, and true love, sent here from the future to save the world.

Watch The Game Season 4 Episode 5 Streaming Video for Free Hank ended up handling the Ben sighting better than I thought he would, but not in a non-Hank kind of way. Hank reacts to despair in one of two ways: Humor or self-loathing. He showed up at Karen's with a gleam in his eye and a wry smile ready to mock her for, what he insinuated, was her new love interest, "a young Lando Calrissian with a dream." He had to pick up his suit for a meeting with Abby, but more importantly, he had to vent his jealous anger via sardonic banter with Karen.

At Abby's office, she and Hank went over Mia's video testimony about their encounter. It led Abby to believe the prosecution didn't have a case, launching an elated Hank into a flirting frenzy of eighth-grade dance proportions, pouring on his tried and tested Moody swagger only to have the word bullets bounce right back at him off of Abby's ample chest. "I see why you sleep with teenagers. You are one."

When he caught her in a lie trying to avoid a possible dinner with him, Hank used it to his advantage and it was difficult to tell whether it was his game wearing her down, or her pity building him up. Hank also delivered a line that will soon be on my business cards: "I am kind of retarded, but I'm also kind of amazing.


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