Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Capítulo 147 Teresa Online

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Impressions end of "Teresa" on Sunday may not yet defined, and how the end of the story starring Angelique Boyer depending on the time of recording melodrama. 'El Guero' José Alberto Castro, soap manufacturer, said that the chapter is the audience through the Canal de las Estrellas at 18:00 made a few days earlier, which has caused delays to have a strong even with the results.

"I'm so overwhelmed, we are forced to march, close to the air, I'm not finished,. In fact tomorrow (today) I have a meeting to see what the last two chapters of close and see how they define the story."

"A lot will depend on the time we should take note of (would suffix a few) There are a few ideas that we have to find what would be the most appropriate end to the story. But it all depends on time," Castro said during the evening was held on the day TVyNovelas Nominees Monday at a nightclub in southern city. Love Story


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