Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ver Teresa Capitulo 130

I do not know, my heart is full of a deep sense of longing to my lover. Every day I wait for him to come and see me, but almost two years have passed since he left from my town. I want to cry, but I knew I had to stay strong and wait for him. A whole year he accompanied me here, and I can not forget the days with him.

I am always faithful to him, unlike Teresa, a character in the telenovela Teresa Capitulo 130. It will be aired 28 January. Teresa nature diametrically opposed to mine. Teresa greedy, and try to get whatever she wants with any way (including lying and cheating).

Teresa is toying with feeling of some men. So even though Mariano really fall in love with her, Teresa turned and teased Paulo, rich man, best looking man in the exclusive colleague she attends with a scholarship. After that Teresa went to Arturo's arms, her college professor, who will fall deeply in love with her and will pay her way through law school. Still not satisfied, Teresa also tempt Fernando, a wealthy European of royal blood, Luisa's fiance. Luisa is a Teresa's close friend. Teresa tried to separate Fernando from Luisa. Like I said earlier, Teresa will do anything to get what she wants. Teresa did not know that love is so great. If you want to know the details of story, don't miss Ver Teresa capitulo 130.


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