Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Triunfo del amor capitulo 54 55 56

Each time watch a telenovelain Ver Triunfo del Amor capítulo 54 Lunes 10 de Enero Triunfo del amor capitulo 55 and Triunfo del amor capitulo 56, the role of antagonists in the story are always make the audience emotion and sometimes wept when the stars were crying or sad. Not only that, telenovela's audience made curious by the continuation of the story.

Triunfo del Amor Capítulo 56 Lunes 10 de Enero If you watch Triunfo del amor, then you agree that the behavior of Bernarda, Jimena and Guillermo really annoying. Moreover, Jimena who always tried to ruin the happiness of Maximiliano and Maria. By the way, have you watch Triunfo del amor capitulo 54?

I am curious about the story, so I do not want to miss even one of episode. It was said in this Triunfo del amor capitulo 54, Victoria know that Jimena is pregnant with her adopted son Maximiliano, although I do not know whether Jimena is really pregnant or just pretending. I do not want Maximiliano to marry Jimena, because Max's true love is Maria, they loved each other. Moreover, Juan Pablo, father of Maria always pray for Maria Unfortunately, Jimena's mother continued to urged Max to marry her daughter, but hopefully Max managed to not marry Jimena.


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