Monday, January 3, 2011

Michelle Obama Pregnant ?

Is Michelle Obama Pregnant  ? Early of this year we are busy with some news, one of them is a news that I am going to deliver to you now. According to rumors which circulate recently, it said that president Barack Obama's wife is pregnant now. Rumor is saying, "Michelle Obama pregnant. Age has reached two months of her pregnancy and birth is expected in late July 2011. "

Pregnancy for husband and wife certainly is exciting news. Many people want a pregnancy but not blessed. But it said that the news about Michelle Obama pregnant just a hoax. This rumor first appeared on a blog that quoted White House spokesman Robert Gibbs as I wrote above.

According to a website that I read, in fact, Michelle Obama is not pregnant. The news of pregnancy is also not the first time that happened to Michelle, even though the White House has denied it. Become famous will be more frequently exposed to gossip . It's one of the risk of being famous isn't it?


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