Thursday, December 9, 2010

Facebook Numbers Game

Facebook Numbers Game, There is a new trend on the most popular social networking site Facebook. The trend is all about numbers. Several Facebook users are now posting numbers on their status as a part of the Facebook Number Game which was stated several, Many Facebook users and the numbers on the situation after the trend on Facebook, “the number of Facebook game” began last night.

Today, everyone is wondering why the game on the number of Facebook is all about. There are no figures on the situation Facebook / Facebook game number next trick Childhood Cartoons madness?

In the past week, people have changed their pictures to Facebook Profile cartoons to stand in the face of child abuse and violence, and that it was not long before rumors began to surface of the cardboard Mimi Facebookprofile picture was a hoax set up by the exploiters of children.

With some people for fear of any game now Facebook, what are the numbers on the Facebook situation all of this?

No Facebook for the game seems innocent enough … Until now. Basically, users can ask their friends what they think about their Facebook by providing them with a number. Friend then gives the answer, and took the number to respond to for the purposes of identification.


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