Friday, November 19, 2010

Four Lokos Banned in Texas

Four Lokos Banned in Texas and Four Lokos Banned in Ohio a topic that pretty much sought after today, is it true news and events that tell you about A controversial alcoholic drink May have Contributed to a crash That left a 14-year-old North Texas girl dead and her young boyfriend behind bars.

What states banned four lokos? also seemed to make many people wonder the same goes with me. I will quote and look for news about what states banned four lokos and Four Loko Banned in Texas. The state of Michigan has officially banned Four Loko.
Police Say They found a 12-pack of beer and five Cans of "Four locomotive" in the crashed Chevy Trailblazer That killed Valeria Rodriguez of Arlington, Texas.Rodriguez Died Early Sunday morning police say her boyfriend Pls, Also 14, stores his Parents' SUV without permission.

Police say the duo picked up a 16-year-old friend after a friend's quincinera - a 15th birthday party - and together, They decided to head for Oklahoma.


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