Thursday, September 30, 2010

MUI Requested Community To Not Provoked (Kau Bakar Aku Bakar)

Council of Ulama Indonesia or MUI urged Muslims and Christians are not provoked Movement of World Day of Qur'an Burning (Gerakan Hari Pembakaran Al-Qur'an Sedunia) which plans to burn Muslim holy book, on 11 September.

"We called on Muslims not moved with this provocation," said Chairman of MUI of Inter Religious Harmony Field Slamet Effendi Yusuf in press conference in MUI office, Jalan Proklamasi, Central Jakarta, Monday (08/09/2010).

Movement of World Day of Al-Qur'an Burning spearheaded by Dove World Outreach Center, home of Florida, United States. On commemoration of nine years World Trade Center bombing tragedy that fell on September 11, the movement was intended to burn Al-Qur'an because Muslims considered responsible for September 11 tragedy.

According to Slamet, Christians in Indonesia are also reacting against such provocative movement. "They (the Christians) do not agree because if this happens, there will be widespread repercussions," he said.

MUI, said Slamet, also requested Christians in Indonesia to encourage people of each religion so as not to be talked into Al-Qur'an burning provocation.

The Movement of World Day of Burning Qur'an is spread through social networks Facebook. Around 1,500 people have been clicking on icon "Like" the movement on Facebook. Efforts provocative movement against religious later gained opposition from Indonesian society.

Pluralism Care Movement which is coordinate by Damien Dematra considered that such a campaign is harassment against Islamic religion and religious freedom right violation. Damien also issued a critique novel against Terry Jones titled "You Burn, I Burn" (Kau Bakar Aku Bakar). by Facebook Login


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