Thursday, March 13, 2008

Love of My Live

by Chumy
I'll take this road called life
Never I'll be afraid
For you are the courage
Making me strong
Thru this long and winding road.

Like a dream came true
That day you look my way
Never, would I be the same
You show me the way
Never would I be astray

Everytime you look in my eyes
You take my breath away
I fly a thousand miles
Feeling so good
That you've captured my heart

Heaven Sent
Yes, you are to me
Gift from God above
Set me free baby
Gonna hold you tight
And end, emptiness inside
You bring happiness to my world
For it's your love
That completes my soul

Some may stand thru our way
But I'll keep on
Holding on
Coz all I need is you
Never, I would let you go
Coz I've been praying for so long
For you to come along
Oh! Love of my life, Ever.


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